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  • LDR Body Kit For 2010-2018 Lexus GX460 Upgrade To 2020 Model

    LDR Body Kit For 2010-2018 Lexus GX460 Upgrade To 2020 Model

    The GX460 is a luxury SUV with high price-quality ratio.It has added a new off-road kit and safety-oriented upgrades. It has excellent off-road capability while taking into account the comfort of urban travel.

    The base-model Lexus GX460 comes with enough standard features to please most buyers in this segment. This SUV rolls on standard 18-inch wheels, and all models are equipped with exterior amenities such as automatic LED headlights, daytime running lights, illuminated running boards, and heated power-adjustable side mirrors with integrated turn signals.

    The L-shaped daytime running lights with full personality, together with the three-beam LED headlight group, are more sharp in shape.

  • LDR Body Kit For LX570 Old Upgrade To New Model

    LDR Body Kit For LX570 Old Upgrade To New Model

    Turn the old model into a new one.The price-quality ratio is high.

    From the side and front perspective, the difference between the old and new LX570 is obvious, especially the front bumper has a very obvious  change.In addition, there are also subtle changes in the exterior mirrors, the lower waistline of the body, tires, and wheels.

    The biggest change of the new Lexus LX570 is the front face. The     spindle-shaped water tank grille is somewhat similar to the new GS, and it is more integrated and aggressive.

    Although the shape of the headlights has not changed much, the interiorof the lampshade has been upgraded. The position of the turn signals  has been shifted from below to above, and lenses have also been      added to the high beams. The addition of LED daytime running lights   also adds a stylish touch to the new car.

  • For Alphard 2015-2021 Change To Lexus LM350

    For Alphard 2015-2021 Change To Lexus LM350

    We have two options of this body kit for Alphard 2015 to 2020 upgrade to LM design.

    Only one difference from two options of the body kits is the headlights and the tail lamp.

    We have our design for the four lens led and the tail lamp which with the function of breathing and moving.

    No matter for old Alphard 2015-2017 or 2018 China version,2018 HongKong Version,2018 Japan Version,we have professional team who work out all the car models that available for the worldwide market.

    One more important thing is that our 3 lens headlights are 40% more brightness than original car,so if you install these headlights to your cars,you will find this really amazing shining.

  • For Vellfire 2015-2021 Change To Lexus LM350

    For Vellfire 2015-2021 Change To Lexus LM350

    Though the new Lexus LM 350 is heavily based on the Toyota Vellfire, it is more than just an even more posh version of the already luxurious donor vehicle. The “LM” name actually means Luxury Mover.

    The Lexus LM is the brand’s first minivan . See how different and similar it is to the Toyota Alphard/Vellfire it’s based on.

    The Toyota Alphard and Vellfire are sold primarily in Japan, China and Asia. The LM was just launched at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. It will be available in China, but also, probably, across much of Asia.

    The two cars are very closely related. Although we don’t have official figures yet, we expect the LM to share the Alphard’s 4,935mm (194.3-in) length, 1,850mm (73-in) width, and 3,000mm (120-in) wheelbase.

  • Lexus RX Old to New Model

    Lexus RX Old to New Model

    Lexus’s luxurious temperament and almost perfect body lines often make people feel that it has no need to change, or that there is not much room for imagination for modification. People who buy a Lexus also mostly choose its luxury.

    Lexus RX 350 is the third generation of the Lexus RX product family. Since 2012 minor facelift was replaced with the family’s big mouth and LED running lights, it seems that the 10 models of RX350 have been a bit derailed from the times.

    It is both practical and upgraded, from the low-profile single-eye to the high-profile four-eye headlights, 16 front bumper sports grilles, bi-optical lens three-eye headlights, and dynamic taillights with start-up effects.

    The spindle-shaped air intake grille on the front face of the new car has been further enlarged, and the structure in the middle has also become a diamond-shaped matrix, which looks more textured. The style of the fog light area has also been revised.