About Us

Basid on Mercedes-Benz, Toyota,LEXUS and Porsche, LDR has continuously launched more than a hundred modification products. LDR has been advocating the development idea of “customized products industrialization, and industrial products customization” in the car refitting industry. LDR have refit program collection and research and development centers, with professional design and development team, to meet the personalized needs of high-end car refit users. In terms of quality, all LDR products are made of PP polypropylene, the high-end material of the original car. After 5 links, 10 procedures and 15 sets of spare parts assembling, the products are tested for more than 1200 hours, and finally the best products are presented to every user.




Like many of you, we are body kits modification fanatics.

We've always believed that building a car was a way of creating an extension of yourself. The same reason someone takes a photo, or paints a portrait, people build cars. When we bought our first car, we only thought was "how can we make upgrade?" we would save every dollar possible to put towards modifying our car and one modification always stayed a top priority; body kits. Whether it was 2008 Toyota Alphard or 2013 Mecedes Benz Vito , we aimed to build a car that represented me. The joys, and sometimes the horrors of building a car are finding the parts that work for your vehicle. More specifically, which wheels fit your vehicle perfectly.

Sounds easy, right? Wrong. It didn't take long for us to figure out how difficult it was to find the perfect fitment for our vehicle. You could spend hours upon hours on forums and end up with more questions than you started with. Questions about head lamp,tail lamp,front bumper,hood and fenders. Even after the research and deciding what "fit," how would you know what it looked like on your car? It was easy to see there was a problem.

That was when the LDR was born.

So how do you find the answer to this problem?

Within seconds of entering in your information, you can view various body kits for Benz or Toyota or some other brand. What used to take hours, now takes minutes. you can learn car refitting, also can join in LDR CLUB to share with your new friends. this must be cool and meaningful! you will know LDR power!



Our Team

LDR specializes in car modification, an international technology research and development team. So far, our company has a core team of more than 100 people, involved in product development, customer development, product production, after-sales service. Currently, more than 100 countries have long-term cooperation with LDR.

Our Production

LDR is a global comprehensive service provider of automotive fashion refit, LDR make set design and development, production management, market layout, brand operation as one, committed to the ultimate refit experience into every car, and each user, to meet the personality of life, to create the ultimate journey!  

Our Values

Corporate Positioning: Global comprehensive service provider of automotive fashion refit!

Vision: Become the world's leading automobile refitting enterprise by innovation!

Business operation idea: Customized products industrialization, and industrial products customization.