Body Kit

  • For Alphard 2015-2021 Change To Lexus LM350

    For Alphard 2015-2021 Change To Lexus LM350

    We have two options of this body kit for Alphard 2015 to 2020 upgrade to LM design.

    Only one difference from two options of the body kits is the headlights and the tail lamp.

    We have our design for the four lens led and the tail lamp which with the function of breathing and moving.

    No matter for old Alphard 2015-2017 or 2018 China version,2018 HongKong Version,2018 Japan Version,we have professional team who work out all the car models that available for the worldwide market.

    One more important thing is that our 3 lens headlights are 40% more brightness than original car,so if you install these headlights to your cars,you will find this really amazing shining.

  • LDR Body kits For Alphard 2015-2021 Change To SC+Modellista Style

    LDR Body kits For Alphard 2015-2021 Change To SC+Modellista Style

    The body kit of Alphard change to SC+Modellista is made of PP material, which matches the original car very well. The body kit can improve the texture of your car by modification, and the appearance achieves the Mona Lisa version.

    The body kit uses LED with daytime running light,the lighting of the flowing water design is very cool. The body kit of Alphard modification adopts imported spray paint, which is close to the original car.The body kit can fit precisely and install without gaps.

    The comparison of effect before and after modification through the simple upgrade of the door plank on both sides to improve the side effect.And the front face lifting is more exaggerated and superior with a sense of class.

    The body kits simply modify the rear bumper making the two sides of the bottom are more prominent, which echoes the taillights. The rear bumper is no longer monotonous and has a sense of hierarchy from a 45-degree Angle.